About Me

“I am a Mom who is passionate & successful at Organization, Scheduling, Homeschooling, Cooking, Cleaning, Life Skills & Self Care. I have 6 kids & know what it is like to fall behind & feel overwhelmed by even the smallest project.”

Jennifer Gresham

My Story

I wasn’t necessarily a born-organized person, but I was lucky to have a mother who was. She was a teacher who taught us how to clean and organize. Although I disliked it as a child, I was grateful for the skills she taught me, because as a young mom I saw my friends and other young moms struggle with not having basic skills and concepts of cleaning. If you weren’t taught it, how are you going to have it?

My husband Lester and I have been married for 25 years, and have six
children with ages ranging from 25 to 9 years old. He has served in the Army
for 25 years, of which 13 were active duty, and most recently, we lived
in Germany for five years before moving to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas
in July of 2021. We are originally from New Mexico.

I have been homeschooling our children for many years and continue to do
so for my two youngest boys. 



When things get chaotic & life is overwhelming


I remember a time in my life when things just started to become too much. For me, after having my fifth child I felt very overwhelmed.

I had to dig deeper. I had to take a professional approach to be organized, master our schedules, and maintain a household of eight people with a husband in the military all while homeschooling my children.

I’ve seen so many mothers struggle and struggle and feel defeated, and blame themselves needlessly. Often, you weren’t taught the skills necessary to maintain your household. They don’t teach it at school anymore.  As an older mother who has been down this road…why not have someone come and help you? Walk you through it, encourage you, educate you.


You're not alone in this!

It’s my goal to educate and empower you…for efficiency and not to need me long term. I don’t want my clients to become dependent on me. My goal is that you become so self-sufficient that you don’t need my help anymore.

Most of all, I don’t want you to feel embarrassed to reach out. If you’ve come to a place where you are ready to seek help, that is a huge step! And I congratulate you because I know it’s not always easy to admit when we are struggling.

Rest assured that I come from a place of compassion and nonjudgement. I want you to feel empowered and be able to enjoy the freedom that comes with an organized life.